The Meaningful Marketing labs

Dates: 18 october, 25 october, 8 november, 15 november 2022

Timing: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Location: IBM - Bourgetlaan 42, 1130 Brussel


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# 4 days

BAM is on a mission: turning marketing into a meaningful practice that leads to customer-centric and sustainable innovation and transformation of companies and organizations.

With the Meaningful Marketing Laboratory BAM, supported by more than 10 Marketing Professionals, offers a training program for marketers who want to make a difference.

Business models are changing, brand and value propositions need to be innovated, data and marketing technology are opening new opportunities, investments in sustainability needs to be valued by customers, etc…. The world is changing at the speed of light and so is Marketing.

Don’t stay at the side line. Turn your Marketing capabilities into meaningful capabilities by subscribing to this unique training program and become a BAM certified Meaningful Marketer.


  • How to become and stay customer-centric and innovative in a marketing context that is increasingly technology-driven 
  • How to integrate sustainability in your marketing plan
  • How to develop and implement ethical, diverse and inclusive marketing activities to gain and keep the customer’s trust
  • How to develop marketing activities in a multi-stakeholder networked business environment.


Intro by Alain Mayné, Hoet&Hoet

  • Module 1 - Purpose and Shared Value - 20/04/2023 (09:00 AM - 5:00PM)

    Session 1. Integrating Sustainability in your Marketing Plan

    • Understand WHAT Sustainability means for marketers.
    • Understand WHY Sustainability is a strategic stake for marketers.
    • Integrate a sustainable approach in your marketing plan.
    • Translate into KPIs in the marketing plan.

    Teacher: Nathalie Erdmanis (AG Insurance & Ageas)

    Session 2. Inclusive Marketing Leadership

    • Be aware of bias, identify the pitfalls & the impact on your team.
    • Learn why D&I is a crucial part of your marketing process.
    • How to avoid brand back lash or inclusivity- washing.
    • How to become an inclusive leader in I&D and how to inspire your organisation and marketing to become I&D leaders too.
    • Using assessment tools to test your ideas, create a healthy work environment and tackle differences in your team.

    Teacher: Soraya Hayani (FutureKind)

    Session 3. Creating Brand Purpose and Brand Value in an accelerating world

    • Understand what a service logic could contribute to your business.
    • Know the potential routes towards service logic.
    • Identify levers to succeed in your service logic shift.

    Teacher: Arnaud Tasiaux (Innate Motion)

  • Module 2 - Collaboration and Holistic - 27/04/2023 (09:00 AM - 5:00PM)

    Session 1. Creating Brand Purpose and Brand Value in an accelerating world

    • Define a brand purpose.
    • Know how to involve the necessary stakeholders (and avoid pitfalls).
    • Know how to roll it out in your entire marketing plan.
    • Create an actionable marketing roadmap to deliver to your purpose.

    Teacher: Kristel Vanderlinden (FutureKind)

    Session 2. Putting the customer in the centre of the innovation

    • Define the type of innovation most needed for your organisation.
    • Understand the basic steps of an innovation process and some dos and don’ts.
    • Build a starter’s kit of tools and techniques from which to start.

    Teachers: Steven De Smet (IKEA Belgium)

    Session 3. How to (really) change people’s behaviour for sustainable outcomes ?

    • The psychology of sustainable behaviour.
    • Why it takes more than ‘communications’ to change behaviour.
    • Which broader, more holistic approach should be used.

    Teacher: Fred Dorsimont (Behaven)

  • Module 3 - Personalisation - 25/05/2023 (09:00 AM - 5:00PM)

    Session 1. Data are the new Gold – How to maximize your Marketing ROI using data ?

    • Demonstrate how data can contribute to the realization of your marketing & company objectives.
    • Understand the different types of data, their sources, evolution and importance in the future.
    • Understand the different technologies available to store, aggregate and action marketing data.
    • Draft a high level data strategy in function of your data and marketing maturity.

    Teacher: Kathleen Peeters (Deloitte Belgium)

    Session 2. : Let’s discover how open data can be used in marketing to gain insights into consumer

    • Let’s discover how open data can be used in marketing to gain insights into consumer (and company)  profile, market trends, and competition.
    • This information can be used to inform and optimize marketing strategies, such as targeting specific demographics, personalizing advertising messages, and measuring the effectiveness of campaigns.
    • 5 use cases of this data that will surprise and inspire you

    Teacher: Albert Derasse

    Session 3. Using MarTech : delight or frustration ?

    • TBC

    Teacher:  Ken Borremans (CoMark)

    Session 4. Workshop


    Teacher: Ken Borremans (CoMark)

  • Module 4 - Related to Trust - 01/06/2023 (09:00 AM - 5:00PM)

    Session 1. Building trustful relationships with customers through ethical marketing

    • Recognize unethical marketing practices when you see or consider them.
    • Integrate ethical components into your marketing strategy and practice to gain customer trust and respect.
    • Build strong meaningful and authentic brands and solid customer relations.

    Teacher: Prof. Patrick De Pelsmacker (University of Antwerp)

    Session 2. Privacy by Design: between challenge and opportunity

    • Understand the evolution of Privacy Management.
    • Understand the 7 principles of “Privacy by design”.
    • Test your compliance with a checklist.

    Teacher: Florent Diverchy (Produpress)

    Session 3. TBC

    • TBC

    Teacher: Kris Michiels 

    Session 4. Can labels contribute to your sustainability strategy ?

    • Understand the fundamental role of labels and certification.
    • Distinguish between the various types of labels/certifications.
    • Understand the strengths and limitations of using labels.
    • Get more information about the most common labels available in Belgium, including key figures about awareness etc.
    • Understand better how consumers perceive labels, how they use them etc.
    • Know how to integrate them in your company / brand story.

    Teacher: Nicolas Lambert 


All participants who attended the full Meaningful Marketing cycle, consisting of 14 sessions, grouped into 4 modules, will receive a BAM certificate ‘Meaningful Marketer’.


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