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Webinar Week: Innovate to Elevate

The Ultimate Webinar for Marketing Visionaries
From March 25 to March 29, 2024

"Innovate to Elevate: The Ultimate Webinar for Marketing Visionaries" is an online event that highlights the importance of innovation in marketing and aims to inspire industry professionals to rethink their approach to reach new heights of success.

These webinars will highlight the importance of innovation in marketing to drive sustainable and meaningful business growth and success. 

All webinars will also be available afterwards on marketing.be.


During this one week webinars event, we will focus every day on a topic.

  • Monday 25/03/2024 : Ethics

    12:00 - 12:30 Understanding & Adopting the ICC Ethical Guideline

    The Meaningful Marketing framework of BAM gives its members an ideal to aim for.

    The ICC ethical guideline is a list of recommendations to help businesses reach this ideal.

    During this webinar, Ivan Vandermeersch & Florent Diverchy, (co-)captains of the Ethical Think Tank, will discuss the 15 points of this guideline and give you some concretes ideas to make your marketing more meaningful.

    Key learnings:

    1. Know the 15 points of the ICC Guideline
    2. Find concrete ways to apply them
    3. Know how to prioritize the changes in your own strategy


    Florent diverchy

    Florent Diverchy

    Captain - BAM Think Tank Ethics 

    ivan vandermeersch

    Ivan Vandermeersch

    Co-Captain - BAM Think Tank Ethics

  • Tuesday 26/03/2024: Sustainability // Health & Wellbeing

    12:00 - 12:30: Info Coming Soon!

    12:45 - 13:15: Health & Wellbeing promotion: on which side of History do you want to be?

    During this webinar, Greg will create the case for "health & wellbeing in marketing"  through:

    1. the realisation of the "size of the problem" through real life and recent epidemiology data,
    2. the role marketers can play in addressing the problem,
    3. how marketers can contribute, with concrete strategies and tactics.

    Key learnings:

    1. understand why it is critical to address Health & Wellbeing in your brands' value proposition,
    2. define what is your role as marketer and driver of change within your organisation,
    3. explore "health & wellbeing" specific marketing strategies and tactics that can be of application for you.



    Gregory Miller
    Consultant @ Own

    Captain - Think Tank Health & Wellbeing

  • Wednesday 27/03/2024: Inclusion & Diversity // MarTech & Data

    12:00 - 12:30: Echoes of Inclusion: Shaping Diverse Narratives in Marketing

    In this concise 15-minute webinar, we'll explore the essential role diversity and inclusion play in elevating marketing strategies. We'll focus on how embracing diverse perspectives not only enriches brand narratives but also fosters innovation, directly aligning with the "Innovate to Elevate" theme. Through case studies and actionable insights, attendees will learn to leverage inclusivity for creative differentiation and deeper audience connections. This session aims to inspire immediate action towards integrating diversity and inclusion into marketing efforts, setting a new standard for excellence in the field.

    Key learnings: 

    1. Increase Awareness: Understand the significance of diversity and inclusion in marketing and its impact on audience connection.
    2. Apply Principles: Learn fundamental principles for incorporating diversity and inclusion into marketing messages and strategies.
    3. Initiate Action: Discover actionable initial steps to implement more inclusive marketing practices in your work.


    1697796394667 Sana Sellami 
    Strategist & D-I expert @Sana Sellami BV

    12:45 - 13:15: Digital marketing data shifts: Zero Party Data to the rescue!

    Digital marketing is facing major data shifts – the end of third-party cookies, privacy concerns, and more. How do we adapt and maintain the insights we rely on?  This talk explores zero-party data, the power of asking questions, and I offer practical strategies and examples for gathering it effectively and actively using it.

    Key learnings:

    1. 4 data shift in digital marketing
    2. What is zero party data and why it is important
    3. How to gather and use zero party data


    jasper van laethem
    Jasper Van Laethem
     Email marketing & CRM expert @ The Future Funnel
  • Thursday 28/04/2024: MarTech & Data

    12:00 - 12:30: In the age of open source, Data Science is the new accessible standard for optimising your Sales and Marketing actions 

    Discover how data can be used to give the right strategic direction, but also to optimise your Marketing and Sales efforts and make the best use of your Marketing Automation solutions.

    Key learnings:

    • Observation, lever, action - the data-based activation trio
    • Predictive scoring reduces uncertainty and optimises your campaigns
    • Better data for better scores


    albert derasse

    Albert Derasse

    Freelance consultant in Data Science for Sales and Marketing purpose



BAM Members (SOLO / Corporate): Free

Friend+ / BAM Non-Members: € 49 excl. VAT*

*This price is valid to attend the full week's webinars.