FAM Conference - It's a man's world. Really? Gender equality 2.0

FAM presents proudly their first conference: It's a man's world. Really? Gender equality 2.0.


March 8th is International Women’s day. 

When we look at the facts and figures from research (World Economic Forum) Belgium still has a long way to go in matters such as gender equality on the C level, inclusion and the pay gap between men and women (it didn’t move in the last decade). Belgium even scores worse today then a decade ago on the global ranking of gender equality. According to the WEF, the overall global gender gap will only be closed in 99.5 years if we continue at today’s speed.

As FAM we want to take a stand and put the spotlight on companies who proof that a gender balanced direction committee pays off on all levels. We want to give the stage to female entrepreneurs who created their own ‘smart female network’ in response to the old boys network. Finally we want you to listen and learn from (female) CEO’s, politicians and leading women in tech who all proof that things can change.

FAM has a mission to showcase the change in gender related issues, point out the hopeful initiatives and inspire the marketing community.

Let’s join forces in the Bulthaup kitchen - the spot where some men still prefer to keep women - and take things in own hands and be actively part of the revolution.


Alexander De croo_200-200

Alexander De Croo

Vicepremier & minister van financiën en ontwikkelingssamenwerking


Saskia Van Uffelen_200-200

Saskia Van Uffelen

Corporate Vice President Benelux

@ Gfi World

Loubna Azghoud_200-200

Loubna Azghoud

Expert in Economic, digital

& Gender Policy

John Porter_200-200

John Porter


@ Telenet

Ann Caluwaerts_200-200

Ann Caluwaerts

Chief Corporate Affairs

@ Telenet

Kate Stockman_200-200

Kate Stockman

Managing Partner

@ Stockmanverstraete

Maha Karim Hosselet_200-200

Maha Karim-Hosselet

Vice-President FAM


@ MKKM I Social Media Experts


Moderator of the Evening:

Suyin Aerts

Suyin Aerts



BAM - Members: € 99 excl. VAT

BAM - Non-members: € 149 excL VAT