The Rentree

The place to be to meet our Belgian Digital Champions! 

We’ll probably never erase spring 2020 from our memory, but now is the time to work together on the marketing of tomorrow. We must see this as an opportunity to change, innovate and transform.

In the past few months, we received the message to support our locals. This is why BAM presents to you the marketing and media players with the latest digital technologies developed in Belgium. A real journey 100% Belgian Technology, 100% Marketing Technologies.

From the start-up to the already well-established company, this panel of "Belgian Digital Champions" will allow you to discover the tools and partners that will help you achieve your marketing objectives. A unique opportunity to get to know these actors, their dynamism and their creativity.

These companies will present their product or service along with of one of their clients. This dialogue will give you a clear idea of each technology and its practical application in practice, with supporting results.

Afterwards we will celebrate the fourth Birthday of the Belgian Association of Marketing together with our members, as participant of The Rentree you have the privilege of celebrating this with us! A unique opportunity to network over a snack and a drink 

Meet the Belgian Digital Champions - 2020

Bruno Van Boucq


Created in 2011, Proxistore© is a leading distribution platform (DSP) in the field of local digital advertising. Thanks to its own internationally patented geolocation engine, Proxistore works with the largest premium publishers and provides advertisers with the essential tool for better local communication, enabling them to significantly increase their in-store traffic.

Speaker: Bruno Van Boucq 



Arinti is an Applied Artificial Intelligence Solution Provider. We help our clients by developing customized AI solutions. We specialize in Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and the development of advanced Chat and Voicebots.

Speakers: Wouter Baetens & Sammy Deprez


Mark II

Voice marketing is hot topic. The number of Google Assistant, Siri or Alexa users increases exponentially. 

We are saying goodbye to our desktops, which initially resonates in search engines. Dozens of search results are replaced by just one (spoken) outcome. Search on steroids.

Furthermore, an increasing number of companies are taking the lead and are responding as much as possible to the additional opportunities and dimensions offered by home assistants. 

Voice marketing agency Mark II guides companies through this revolution, and ensures that voice marketing can be part of a fully integrated marketing strategy.

Speaker: Jenthe Blockx



SOPRISM is an audience intelligence technology that analyses Facebook and Instagram. The platform helps you to discover real-time insights about your audience through socio-demographic, behavioral, and psychographic data points.

SoPRISM allows you to explore the motivations and behaviors of audiences who have shown and interested in your brand, website visitors, current customers, leads, and particular segments of a population. This data comes from all of the knowledge Facebook, Instagram and Messenger have about their members based on their activities through the platform (e.g. interaction with content/ads, content consumption behaviors) but also from the activities online where there are Facebook plugins or Facebook pixel. You can deep dive into audiences by learning their passions, consumption habits, hobbies, media affinities, technological attitudes, and general interests

Speaker: Jonathan Mingoia - Co-Founder at SoPrism

Guest: Mathieu Folcque - Responsable Digital at Leonidas



A complete face technology suite applicable to a broad variety of markets.

MoodMe is the ultimate personalization of AR experiences and Face Insights from emotions, gender and age.

Face AI hyper-optimized to run inside Mobile Apps & IoT.

Speaker: Chandra De Keyser - CEO at MoodMe

Guest: Bo Haaber - Founder at TheMagic5



Piximate is an AI computer vision company building data from any visual touchpoint. 

We create analytics helping companies taking better decisions.

Speaker: Laure Uytdenhoef

Xander en Remy


Kayzr is the largest esports and online gaming platform in the BENELUX region, hosting a community of over 100k gamers.

For gamers it offers the opportunity to join a community of likeminded people, and have a hub to communicate and join tournaments of their favourite games. By doing this they earn Kayzr coins which they can spend in the shop on real-life items.
For brands, it offers the opportunity to not only advertise to one of the hardest target groups to reach (millennials and generation Z), but to connect with these generations on a deeper level by using one of their biggest passion points - gaming and esports

Speaker: Xander Van Buggenhout - Customer Development Lead at Kayzr

Guest: Rémy Tastenhoye - Sponsoring & Events Coordinator at Golden Palace Casino & Sports

dhan claes


Data-driven creatives are the future of video content. Yet, the Marketing Technology landscape does not offer the appropriate solution. AdSomeNoise and Semetis’ experiences with data-driven marketing as services companies identified a gap in the MarTech tool universe that they could uniquely fill. And because it plugs into major marketing platforms, it’s easy for advertisers to adopt. Carglass® Belgium is the very first advertiser in Belgium that made use of this tool. By leveraging data and infusing that with storytelling something pretty amazing was created: a video commercial that no one wants to skip

Speaker: Dhan Claes - eBusiness Consulting Manager at Semetis

Guest: Valerie Vervueren - Digital Marketing Manager at Carglass



Semactic offers an integrated approach combining SEO management software and personalized coaching. Our experts work with you to develop the SEO strategy, which is an essential step to guarantee the success of your project. Then you take control with Semactic software.

The tool automatically generates personalized recommendations, tracks their implementation, and measures the concrete impact in terms of visibility, traffic, and conversions. You manage your digital strategy independently and call on our SEO services according to your needs.

Speaker:Céline Naveau - Co-Founder at Semactic

Guest: Floriane Piquin - Acquisition Manager at Medi-Market



Influo brings influencers, creators, and brands together. Through our solutions, influencers, creators and brands can share information with total control over their own data, can stay up-to-date with industry standards and evolutions, build long-lasting relationships and collaborate in an easy and transparent way. We focus on the heavy lifting in influencer marketing, so you can focus on the relationship, conversation, and growth.

Speaker:Maarten Kesteloot - Co-founder & CEO at Influo



Case SOCO and Universem: How automation drives custom messages along the customer journey

The customer journey in the car industry is long, with many digital touchpoints before conversion. How to customize the message to the right audience, or the right car to the right prospect? With full data signals from social media and Google, we developed dynamic acquisition and dynamic remarketing campaigns. The customized ads boosted conversions beyond expectations. Interesting cherry on the cake, even though SOCO’s showrooms were, surprise, closed during the lockdown, the conversions remained stable. Once the shops opened again, the results exploded…

Speaker: Harold Stinglhamber – Head of advertising at Universem

Guest: Patrick Grooten – General Manager at SOCO



Startup founded  by Jeremy Corman and Stephan Salberter which provide analytics to build better branded content strategies for brands. We based our recommandations on AI tools including context like semantic and images analysis of social media posts, the competition and the market conditions. It helps brand to improve their brand positioning, expressions and build stringer relationships with their audience.

Brands like Belfius, Clio Goldbrenner, Sowalfin and Proximus group have experienced their version 1.

Speaker: Stephan Salberter - Co-Founder at Gatekeepr



  Track 1 Track 2
12:30 - 13:30


13:30 - 13:35

Intro by Bert Van Wassenhove

Intro by Jean-Pol Boone

13:35 - 14:00

Maarten Kesteloot - Influo

Bruno Van Boucq - Proxistore

14:05 - 14:30

Jonathan Mingoia - SoPrism


Mathieu Folcque - Leonidas

Wouter Baetens & Sammy Deprez - Arinti

14:35 - 15:00

Jenthe Blockx - Mark II

Stephan Salberter - Gatekeepr

15:05 - 15:45 


15:45 - 16:10

Chandra de Keyser - MoodMe 


Bo Haaber - TheMagic5

Dhan Claes - Semetis 


Valerie Vervueren - Carglass

16:15 - 16:40

Harold Stinglhambr - Universem 


Patrick Grooten - SOCO

Céline Naveau - Semactic 


Floriane Piquin - Medi-Market

16:45 - 17:10  

Xander Van Buggenhout - Kayzr


Rémy Tastenhoye - Golden Palace Casino & Sports

Laure Uytdenhoef - Piximate

17:15 - ...

Cocktail & BAM Party