The B2B Expert Hub Seminar



1) These B2B bots are made for more than talking - by Stefan Herebosch (Upthrust)

How can a bot not only help you to improve your communication, but also to boost conversion and to acquire rich data? How to set up a bot in a B2B environment and what would be the budget framework? 

Bio: Stefan works as growth and innovation strategist. He guides companies on the road towards customer centric product, services and UX design, based on the principles of the Business Design, Thinking Agile and lean start-ups. He has a passion for creating brands, products and user experiences that matter, while continuously challenging the status quo. He has helped numerous companies transforming and achieving their marketing and innovation goals and loves to share his vision and tips during keynotes.


2) From automation to innovation with AI - by Kevin Françoisse (CEO at Sagacify)

Artificial Intelligence is a very hyped term. But what does it really mean for your organisation? What can it bring concretely? How does it differentiate from Robotic Process Automation? How can you innovate with it? Together we will explore examples of automation and innovation and illustrate how artificial intelligence will transform the world of B2B marketing tomorrow.

Bio: Kevin is the co-founder and CEO of Sagacify, a company developing innovative products using artificial intelligence.  He founded Sagacify, convinced that artificial intelligence was going to be a tremendous drive of changes in the industry.


3) AI marketing tools that you can use immediately - by Renout Van Hove (Founder of Growthagent)

An overview of tools and applications you can use in your go-to-market  and B2B marketing strategy, to increase customer experience and customer satisfaction for your own ease.

Bio: On a constant and everlasting quest for more relevant Marketing, intrigued by new paradigms dedicated by new customer behaviour. Ted Talk junky in the morning, Growth architect & Marketing Automation aficionado during the day. DJ at night. Father of 5 all the time.




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