Meaningful Marketing Talk - New Humanity Codes

On June 14 our next Meaningful Marketing Talk took place to write the New Humanity Codes which will help us thrive in the future. 

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The meaningful marketing talks are all about inspiration, innovation and networking. In a rapidly changing world, predicting what’s next is trickier than ever before. And while we don’t claim to have a crystal ball, we do have the Meaningful Marketing Talks: forward-thinking sessions and workshops on what the future of marketing looks like.

Why ?

Marketers have had a bad reputation for years. They were often considered “very untrustworthy.”

But, that changed. Driven by society, technology, the consumer and the marketer himself.


Industry leaders, marketing leaders and marketers need to think well. What (positive) impact do they want to have? What legacy do they want to leave behind?


  • CEO of Nestlé and Unilever had to be accountable to consumers.
  • CEO Patagonia starting from positive impact and building on this in marketing.
  • Founder Chat GPT warns users about what mss not quite correct about Chat GPT.

With the world at crossroads and consumers seeing through sales messages, now is the time to rewrite the code. To take a step back and explore new ways to move forward with purpose. As industry leaders, as marketers, and especially as humans.

This is why we invite you to join us at our upcoming Meaningful Marketing Talks dedicated to New Humanity Codes. Together, we will decipher business storytelling driven by positive impact. Broaden our understanding of sustainability by questioning the legacy brands leave behind.

In short, reshape how businesses connect and engage with the environment they’re embedded in.

These codes of the New Humanity will be developed according to the 5 BAM Think Tanks.

Indeed, the BAM Think Tanks are at the heart of the programme and the event. You will discover more about Sustainability, Well-being, Inclusion and Diversity, Information and communication technologies (MarTech) and Ethics.

This is our way at BAM to reengineer marketing into meaningful marketing!

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