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BAM Member Day : Let's Transform Together

Welcome on May 28 at the BAM Member day, where community isn't just a buzzword – it's the essence of our gathering. We embark on a journey where every individual has the power to reshape businesses, communities, and the world at large. From digital and technological revolutions to sustainable innovations, our collective aim is to catalyze meaningful change. At the heart of this transformation lie the right insights – insights that empower, inspire, and guide us towards a future of endless possibilities.

Throughout the afternoon, our focus revolves around three integral components: Share, Experience, and Meet. This means you will get inspired and gain insights from sources you might not have expected. We will challenge you to ask questions you may not have known the answers to, but most of all, we will make you collaborate ... as a community ... to discover new angles for yourself. 

Did you never wonder how you can change your practice into a more sustainable one? Or how can the marketing of health and wellbeing influence other sectors practices? One thing we know for sure: we will challenge you to think out of the box. Do you dare?


Part I. Share the knowledge (13:30 - 14:40)

In today's rapidly changing landscape, navigating the complexities of modern life requires innovative thinking and adaptability. To thrive in this transformative era, insights and knowledge from thought leaders and experts are invaluable. We present you 5 influential players who will bring you each 5 practical learnings from their latest studies, each within their own domain. 


  1. Kathleen Peeters - Deloitte
  2. Gerd Callewaert - IPSOS
  3. Corinne Mostaert - Kantar
  4. Sarah Van Oerle - Human8
  5. Kristel Vanderlinden - FutureKind

Moderated by: Joke Claessen

After their presentation, the speakers will have an open panel discussion with the audience. Your moment to get answers and insights to all your marketing questions, which you may never have dared to ask.

Part II. Experience the knowledge (15:00 - 16:30)

In this second part, our Think Tanks are hosting a workshop around the themes of Inclusion & Diversity, MarTech & Data, Health & Wellbeing, Sustainability & Ethics. They will not just be workshops but interactive/dynamic sessions where you can learn new insights and also apply this knowledge within your own company/career.

  • Workshop 1 - Health & Wellbeing in Marketing

    Title: "Create the magic, rescue the tragic": learnings from Disney's exceptional customer experience. Practical applications for your brands.

    During the workshop Gregory will share how Disney creates exceptional customer experience, which is the core of marketing. He will enlighten you in learnings from his experience with the Disney Institute, the consulting arm of the Walt Disney Company. 

    There will be a focus in 'rescue the tragic', an often forgotten perspective, yet critical to your customers. You will identify opportunities for your own brand.

    Gregory will share how "Health & Wellbeing" marketing delivers great "rescue the tragic" experiences, and discuss practical applications to your brands.

    Key learnings:

    • Understand the Disney customer experience and some of the "behind the scenes" insights,
    • Learn from an often hidden part of marketing: the "rescue the tragic" value proposition. This is as important if not more than the "create the magic" (think of a personal "tragic" event related to a brand, and how the best and worst companies have dealt with them...).
    • Identify applications for your brands for new activations, learnings from the "Health & Wellbeing" brands which "rescue the tragic" is core to their positioning.



    Gregory Miller
    Consultant @ Own

    Captain - Think Tank Health & Wellbeing

  • Workshop 2 - Sustainability in Marketing

    Title: The 15 levers of sustainable marketing

    The participants will explore 15 ways to make marketing a driver of sustainability and build together a ‘landscape’ where these initiatives fit in an overall marketing strategy.

    Key learnings:

    • Identify how marketing can contribute concretely to sustainability
    • Cite inspiring examples of brands that have started their journey
    • Start your own journey by identifying the levers most suited to you


    nicolas lambert

    Nicolas Lambert
    Independent Consultant @ Tuanis

    Captain - Think Tank Sustainability

  • Workshop 3 - Inclusion & Diversity in Marketing

    Title: How to pitch inclusion?

    Starting from the knowledge, skills, and experiences marketers already have, we grow their confidence to consciously choose an inclusive approach. This way, BAM member marketers become role models and change agents to help transform this innovative sector into an inclusive one.

    Key learnings:

    • Privilege: which position do you start from when pitching inclusion?
    • Resistance: which types of resistance can you encounter when selling an inclusive approach? 
    • Adaption innovation: which approach to inclusion will help overcome resistance and allow you to successfully implement inclusion?


    Karen Vanherck high res

    Karen Vanherck
    Inclusion expert & Project lead @ Inclusion Now


  • Workshop 4 - MarTech & Data

    Title: Supercharge Your Content Strategy with AI.

    Unlock the potential of AI and learn how to supercharge your content strategy, achieving more in less time.  Learn how AI can streamline topic research, generate winning ideas, and optimise your content for higher search engine rankings. Gain practical insights on integrating AI seamlessly into your existing content creation process.

    This workshop is designed for marketing teams who want to integrate AI into their content strategy for faster and efficient SEO results.

    Key learnings:

    1. Prompt Engineering for content ideation 
    2. Master AI-driven Content Optimization for SEO
    3. Overcome Common Challenges of Using AI in Content Creation

    Stjepan Juricic
    Managing Partner @ Sailpeak


  • Workshop 5 - Ethics, AI and marketing

    Title: Meaningful Marketing with AI: Just Do It ?

    AI is all around. It is already part of our lives as citizens, consumers, and marketing specialists. We all use AI, either proactively and willingly, or passively and sometimes, even without even thinking about it.

    And this trend is not about to stop as advances in artificial intelligence are exponential. History is in motion. Our world is transforming. Technology contributes to build a never-seen-before collective intelligence thanks to collaborative intelligence.

    But, what are the consequences for marketing?

    This workshop is designed for marketing teams who want to reflect upon the AI tools and practices in their marketing journey

    Key learnings:

    1. Dive into the opportunities that technology brings to the table of a Responsible and Meaningful Marketing.
    2. Bring to the surface the new dangers that marketers might potentially face
    3. Reflect on an ethical framework for the use of AI, and the responsibilities for marketers and other stakeholders

    Explore and address the pressing ethical considerations in AI-powered Meaningful Marketing, including transparency, data privacy, and inclusivity during this contributive and interactive workshop.

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    Karine Ysebrant de Lendonck
    Independent Consultant


Part III. Meet the knowledge (16:30 - 18:00)

BAM would not exist without its members or its community. Hence, we conclude with a great networking where we can share nice chats over snacks and drinks.


The BAM Member Day is exclusive and free for BAM members, but to avoid no-shows or food waste, we will charge a token €5 for your engagement. This contribution will go entirely to a charity. The total amount will be announced and handed over during the networking at the BAM Member day. 


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