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Meaningful Marketing Talk: New Humanity Codes

With consumers seeing through sales messages, now is the time to rewrite the code. To take a step back and explore new ways to move forward with purpose.

As industry leaders, as marketers, and especially as humans.

That is why our upcoming Meaningful Marketing Talk (June 14, 2023) is dedicated entirely to New Humanity Codes. Together with industry leaders and marketing experts, we will decipher business storytelling driven by positive impact. Broaden our understanding of sustainability by questioning the legacy brands leave behind. In short, reshape how businesses connect and engage with the environment they’re embedded in.

To do so, the day will be built around the 5 BAM Think Tanks, addressing challenges and opportunities related to changes related to: Marketing Technology, Inclusion & Diversity, Sustainability, Ethics, Health & Well-being.

Save the date - June 14, 2023

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