The BIG Marketing Quiz (400 x 256 px) The BIG Marketing Quiz (9)

The BIG Marketing Quiz

  • Drinks and food are included during this evening
  • Every participant will receive an epic prize 

Who’s up for a great time?

Get ready for the 2nd edition of the annual BAM's BIG Marketing Quiz, where Belgian marketers come together to have a fun evening. 

On the 14th of November, BAM is hosting a good old-fashioned quiz – this time, it's all about marketing and the brilliant minds behind it. 

Expect a dozen rounds of brainteasers, each one packed with questions and tasks that'll require some teamwork and good spirit.

You can either sign up as a team of four or you can sign up individually, but rest assured, we'll team you up with people who are just as fun and knowledgeable. 

It's a great opportunity to have a fun night, meet new people and go home with amazing prices! 

Come and help us answer the greatest question of all: who will emerge as who will take home the trophy this year?


  • BAM Member: € 15
  • Friend of BAM: € 25
  • BAM Non-Member: € 30

*Prices are excl. VAT

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