Webinar: Why harnessing your 1st party data in a Cookieless future is key

Google announced the deprecation of 3rd party cookies support in Google Chrome in 2022. This will have a number of consequences for you and requires your company to be ready. How? 

Join us on April 22 for a conversation with your peers to discuss how to make the transition to a “cookieless” future and how harnessing first party data is key.  

We will discuss: 

  • What it means to unlock your first party data 
  • How loyalty programs can drive behavior and will become more important 
  • The understanding of your ad spends (this doesn’t have to stop) and how to leverage contextual targeting 
  • How you can measure your readiness using Data Maturity tools and understand the results 

What activation of your data use increase conversion and improves CX. 

Registration for this event is free.
Places are limited.