What's cooking on the Belgian Market #2 ?


With regards to the cookieless era challenges, IABbyBAM want help the Belgian Digital advertising industry & market (Agencies, Advertisers & Publishers) to ensure that digital advertising activities will be 3rd party cookieless proof by the end of 2022.

This second webinar aims to deepdives 3 key topics directly related to the Cookieless challenge: Data Collection, Data Activation & Data Measurement & Attribution.

For each of the 3 topics we propose a case study to be as actionable as possible:

  • Data Collection: server-side tagging
    The benefits to move from client-side to server side data collection
    A data-driven case in Health Insurance

    by Siegert Dierickx, Managing Partner, MultiMinds
  • Data Activation: 1st party data:
    A local, cookieless and automated campaign setup that is working now & future proof. A Nestlé, UM, Trustmedia and Adhese case.

    by Karel Goethals, COO, Mediabrands and Tim Sturtewagen, Partner, Adhese

  • Data Measurement & Attribution:
    How to do conversion attribution in a cookieless world? Learnings from the Banking & Gambling sector

    by Dax Vercauteren, Commercial Director, Adform

Speakers of the day

  • Frédéric Martins, Head of media & programmatic buying at ING Belgium – President of IABbyBAM
  • Siegert Dierickx, Co-Founder & Managing Partner Multiminds
  • Karel Goethals, COO, Mediabrands
  • Tim Sturtewagen, Partner, Adhese
  • Dax Vercauteren, Commercial Director, Adform


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