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Training: Meaningful Brand Engagement

Date: 19th of November 2024

Timing: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Location: Roularta BMC, Raketstraat 50 - 1130 Brussel


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BAM Non-Members / Friend+: € 800 excl. VAT

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In this day we will explore the concept of Meaningful Brand Engagement and its pivotal role in building enduring connections with consumers.

We will go into the psychology of consumers, discovering strategies to influence positive behavioral change and shape preferences effectively.

We will analyze the entire customer journey, segmenting our personas and learn how to see opportunities to enhance engagement at each stage for a more comprehensive approach.

We will also unpack the fundamentals of content marketing, focusing on creating compelling and relevant content that resonates with target audiences and fosters brand affinity.

Investigate the emotional aspects of brand engagement, exploring how to leverage emotions for a deeper impact on consumers.

We will finish that day with exploring the importance of cross-functional collaboration within organizations and establish partnerships for impactful brand engagement.

At the end of the training, you will be able to develop and implement Meaningful Brand Engagement strategies, fostering authentic connections and driving positive behavioral change, identifying and optimizing customer journeys, leveraging content effectively, and encouraging collaboration for sustained brand success, all that in one day!

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  • Session 1. Behavioural science for sustainability

    How to (really) change people’s behaviours for sustainable outcomes? Description Many people assume that creating emotions about or driving awareness of sustainability issues leads to behaviour change. If only it was that simple… Despite good intentions, people often face contextual, internal or social barriers, and overcoming these barriers is essential to get people to behave sustainably. This session will give you an overview of how behavioural science can help you understand and influence people’s sustainable behaviours — with examples from various sectors, including mobility, energy and food. 

    By the end of the session, you will understand: 

    1. The psychology of sustainable behaviours 
    2. Why it takes more than ‘communications’ to change behaviours 
    3. What broader, evidence-based approach should be used instead

    Teacher: Fred Dorsimont


  • Session 2. Customer journey

    How to do the shift from product centric to consumer centric thinking and translate this into the impact on marketing decisions and online presence

    Key Learnings

    1. Introduction to the customer journey, from awareness to purchase
    2. Research methods for the journey

    Teacher: Kevin Verborgh

  • Session 3. Content Creation
    • What is Content Marketing (and what is it not)?
    • Content Creation?
    • How to design your own Content Marketing strategy?
    • How to get started with Content Marketing?
    • Target group / Buyer personae?
    • Objectives?

    Teacher: Maureen Ranson

  • Session 4. Engagement in collaboration

    The big challenge: how to help consumers with conscious choices and realise real impact on consumer behaviour.

    This part of the course is all about the why and how around conscious consumption and behaviour change. A real use case will be used to show all the steps, conditions and means necessary to realise this.

    Learning objectives: In this part you will learn:

    • Why collaboration across the supply chain and cross functional is so essential? 
    • The role of marketing and marketeers to make sustainability relevant, tangible, understandable, impactful.
    • The role of brand awareness and brand activation. 
    • The role of creating a high level of trust. 
    • Last but not least: why changing consumer behaviour is hard work.

    Teacher: Veerle Poppe

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