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Training: Meaningful Brand Strategy

Dates: 22nd of October 2024

Timing: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Location: Roularta BMC, Raketstraat 50 - 1130 Evere


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In this one-day training, we delve into the fundamental inquiries that arise for marketers set on a new brand launch or refining the essence of an existing brand, be it a service or a product. Central to our discussion is the concept of meaningful marketing. We explore the pivotal questions marketers must address: How to define the brand's positioning, the underlying purpose driving its existence (both for societal and environmental realms), the integration of sustainability into marketing strategies, the ethical considerations pertinent to audience engagement, community relations, and data utilization, and lastly, the adept incorporation of diversity in marketing and communication efforts.

After this day you will be able to define your brand strategy, mission, vision, value, persona and have a checklist about your communication related to Inclusion & Diversity and ethical questions for which you will be guided to run a risk assessment.

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  • Session 1. Creating Brand Purpose and Brand Value in an accelerating world

    Building a brand purpose or positioning in these accelerating times, where consumer behavior changes every second, is only possible when you are on top of changing consumers needs today and tomorrow. It’s more important than ever to understand the zeitgeist and cultural signals that will make your brand stick with new and existing audiences. Our workshop starts here, with helping you define which signals can help build a long-lasting brand positioning. Next we’ll explain(and train) you the tools and framework to help build a strong – and internally supported- brand purpose for the next coming years; adaptable and flexible, for small and big brands. 

    • the ins and outs of a strong brand positioning and best cases
    • how to analyse and explore human and societal trend signals as the starting point of a strong purpose
    • how to build a strong brand purpose & strategy in these accelerating times ( for small and big brands)
    • how to get an internal supporting base to live up to it 
    • How to strengthen brand loyalty with new and existing customers

    Teacher: Kristel Vanderlinden


  • Session 2. Ethics in marketing

    In the broad sense of the word, ethical marketing implies taking sustainability and diversity into account when developing a marketing strategy, but ethics is much broader than that. 

    The learning objectives of the session ‘Ethics in marketing’ are:

    • Understand why certain marketing practices are unethical.
    • Recognize unethical marketing practices when you see or consider them.
    • Integrate ethical components into your marketing strategy and practice to gain customer trust and respect.
    • Build strong meaningful and authentic brands and solid customer relations.

    Teacher: Prof. Patrick De Pelsmacker

  • Session 3. Regenerative Marketing
    • Move from building brands through myths to building brands based on utopia; 
    • Understand how transparency, regeneration, abundance, and community are the new key building blocks for future-fit branding;
    • Move from sustainability and mainstream purpose to a regenerative mindset. 
    • See the full potential of a brand as a leadership tool and value driver.

    Teacher: Aurelia Petrov (Innate Motion)

  • Session 4. Inclusive Marketing Leadership
    • Be aware of bias, identify the pitfalls & the impact on your team.
    • Learn why D&I is a crucial part of your marketing process.
    • How to avoid brand back lash or inclusivity- washing.
    • How to become an inclusive leader in I&D and how to inspire your organisation and marketing to become I&D leaders too.
    • Using assessment tools to test your ideas, create a healthy work environment and tackle differences in your team.

    Teacher: Soraya Hayani, Ecotone

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