BAM Raad van Bestuur - Verkiezingen 2020

Tijdens de Algemene Vergadering van BAM op 3 september 2020 zullen verkiezingen plaatsvinden om de leden van de Raad van Bestuur te hernieuwen.

Dit bestuur vormt het hart van de vereniging. Deze definieert de strategie en stelt de doelstellingen van de vereniging. Het is een bijzonder actieve en dynamische uitwisselingsplaats.

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Kandidaten - 2020

1) Raf Van Puyvelde - 4P Square










Raf Van Puyvelde, °1964 in Antwerp
Living in Mechelen with my wife Lieve and our two sons Cobbe and Jannes.
Love to cook, ski, run & socialize with friends.
Started as marketeer in 1989. Developed to an all-round marketing expert with experience in marketing strategy, marketing management and customer management in a corporate environment.
Currently running a consultancy in marketing & sales and BAM Board Member.
Education: Master Applied economics, Executive Master Marketing, Master Communication Technologies, Advanced Sales Management.


BAM is the merger of STIMA, BDMA and IAB and became the largest, most multi-disciplinary marketing community in Belgium. I love its openness. Proud to be one of the Founding Partners of BAM.
My mission as board member:
The heart of the community is hundreds of volunteers, selfless active in expert hubs. They deserve much more support. They are the community backbone.
BAM should strive to be financially strong, with healthy profit ambitions, in order to being able to invest in new valuable initiatives, s.a. “The Meaningful Marketing Model” and a lot more.

2) Benjamin Sekkai - Business Elements

benjamin sekkai_def


I started my career 20 years ago first in HR services then in media & advertising. I had the chance to work for great companies in this industry and developed my skills in bizz dev, management, technology, strategy and digital communication in Belgian and abroad.

I’m 44, I’ve known my spouse for half of my life. I’m half Algerian, half Czech/ Flemish, and my spouse is from Mauritius. We’re the proud parents of 2 fantastic boys (12 & 9)  and a dog named Loki. In my (rare) spare time I do sports, collect sneakers, geek with technology and meet new people.

I love Italian food, Italian wine and I hate urban bikers, people on Lime and on any other electric machine.


Marketing is changing every day. I had the opportunity to monitor this from inside as part of this industry since 15+ years. I’ve been in contact with international companies and smaller start-ups and I truly believe that one can learn from the other. BAM has a real key position and must now help all our industry to navigate in this ever changing world. I humbly think that being part of the change does not happen on the sideline but on the field. That’s why I want to give my support to this team and this industry.

3) Grégoire Van Cutsem - Touring

gregoire van cutsem


Senior Executive experimented in marketing and Sales (B2C and B2B) with strong ļ¬nancial background;
international experience (Vodafone);
General Management achievement; vision, strategy, short term objective achievement; change management and organization builder.
Belgian Marketer of the year 2014 (STIMA –TREND).

2013 - 2019      STIMA congress Participation
2014                 Belgian Marketer of the Year (STIMA-TREND)
2016-19            MOTY Jury member
2019                 BAM Congres Co Present

Touring Belgium / Sales & Marketing Director
Lampiris SA / Residental & SME Market Director
Belgacom / Vice president products & Solution Enterprise 
Proximus / Head of marketing Business Segment
Price Waterhouse / Senio Auditor


For several years now, I have been in contact with STIMA first and then BAM.

At first as a congress participant and then as Marketer of the Year 2014 and last year as congress co-president with the aim of revamping the congress and incorporating the meaningful marketing model into congress reality.

It is because I feel 100% in line with the approach, vision and mission of BAM that I think I can bring added value to the board of directors by always putting actions and vision in relation with the daily experience of companies and their marketing teams.

4) Liesbeth Nizet - Digipolitans



2019 - now : Chief Projects at Digipolitans (Digital transformation of big companies boosted by marketing)

2011 - 2019 : (Digital) Marketing Manager at Mediahuis

2007 - 2011 : Web content manager at Vanden Borre

2005 - 2007:  Marketing and communication coordinator at Iveco


I believe in the power of marketing to prepare companies for tomorrow, to make a digital transformation or making impact in ’the new normal’ happen, in any industry. Because marketing focuses on the consumer: by detecting his needs, by connecting and building relationships with him and finally convert him. This focus combined with enablers like data and technology makes the role of marketing, and all the marketeers, ‘incontournable’.

Therefore, I believe in a strong community like BAM to build bridges: between the marketing of today and the marketing of tomorrow, connecting the dots between the different industries and the different marketing expertises, from storytelling to AI-driven marketing. A pioneering role in the Belgian business community.

5) Hanan Challouki - Allyens



2015 - present: Managing partner & founder at Allyens
2015 -2020: Founder of the online platform Mvslim
2014 - 2015: Communications coordinator at mmMechelen Feest
2013 - 2015: Member of the General Assembly at Kif Kif
Graduated in 2015 - Master in Strategic Communications at the University of Antwerp (graduated
with high honors)
Forbes 30-under-30 in the category Media & Marketing (2018)
50 Flemish of the Future according to De Tijd (2019)
Diwan Award for Enterprise of the Year (2016)


The Belgian Association of Marketing is an important source of knowledge for marketeers across the country. I believe that with my expertise on diversity and inclusive communication, I can be an added value to the board of directors. The advertising industry in Belgium is not very diverse and it doesn’t match or represent our current society at all. I would love to add my knowledge and my experiences to BAM and bring something new to the table. I hope my presence in the board of directors can create new perspectives and a lasting impact on the diversity in our industry.

6) Chenling Zhang - LIT Consulting



Driven by curiosity and inspired by all things media. Love beautiful brands and smart advertising. Always focused on positivism.

As of 2018: freelance media marketeer @ LIT Consulting, for Dentsu, Mortierbrigade, Sony Pictures Releasing, Walt Disney Company, Efteling, Studio100,…

2014 – 2018: Account Director @ Havas Media
2013 – 2014: Strategisch analist interactieve media @ SBS Belgium
2011 – 2013: Client manager @ Mindshare
2007 – 2011: Research manager @ MTV Networks Belgium / Viacom


“It's not always easy to convince someone a need exists, if they don't have that need themselves.” – C. Perez.

50% of the population and therefore consumers are women. Today, we are still under-represented in the social & economic field.
In order for BAM to better achieve its mission - "to put meaningful marketing at the heart of companies and in society as a whole" - it is crucial in my view that we promote the representation of women.How can we, as marketers, understand consumers if we ourselves are not an accurate reflection?

7) Kristof Schils - Bpost



Kristof Schils, born in 1987.

Since 2011 professionally active in (Digital) marketing in companies as StepStone, Colruyt Group and bpost. In my current role I’m heading the Digital Marketing department at bpost.

I’m father of two children: Pia (almost 5) and Lex (1.5) and together with my wife Caroline we live in the lovely city of Vilvoorde.

Loves: going out for dinner, doing fun activities with the kids, travelling.

Hates: people that say ‘we did it always like this, we’re not changing that’,  meetings that need to take 60 minutes because they were scheduled like that.


There is a big generation of new and young marketeers stepping up. I would be honored if I could represent that generation, so that also they can define how marketing will be shaped in Belgium in the coming years.

Spending most of my time in digital marketing, I believe I have a lot to contribute to help the BAM define meaningful marketing. There are a lot of opportunities for Belgium to move up the digital ladder.

Our society is constantly changing, but given the recent events it is the time to shape and present marketing so it can take also a vital role in our society. And improve our society for the better.

8) Burt Riské - Trends Business Information (Roularta Media Group)



  • Managing Director – Trends Business Information (Roularta Media Group).
  • Board member & Treasurer B.A.M.
  • President vzw Do-not-call-me (representing B.A.M.)
  • President of Volley Team Temse (in my spare time…)

For more than 35 years now (time flies…) I’m working in the field of marketing and data marketing in particular. As president of the Data Expert Hub (BDMA & BAM) I wanted to federate companies to achieve better results by sharing information and educating young professionals.

As a member and internal auditor of BIGnet and Febis (2 international professional associations for Business Information) I have a clear view on what happens abroad and how other countries cope with data marketing, GDPR, e-privacy and the latest evolutions in big data and artificial intelligence


Being one of the founding ‘fathers’ of B.A.M. I much appreciate and support the leadership role B.A.M. is playing in an ever changing world of marketing. An open community that inspires, connect, educates and regulates based on the expertise of Stichting Marketing, IAB and BDMA. I will strive to make B.A.M. a (financially) healthy and professional association so that we can further develop the many initiatives we are taking right now.

9) Koen Van Impe - &KOO



  • 1991 – Master in Applied Economics (KUL) & Master in Management (Vlekho)
  • 1992 - Product Manager EDAN Sytems (IBM Business partner Ghent)
  • 1995 - Product Marketeer Benelux RAM MOBILE DATA 
  • 1997 - Call Centre Manager OgilvyOne
  • 1999 - Account Director OgilvyOne
  • 2000 - Founder Cordaxis (merged later with i-Merge)
  • 2002 - Partner I-Merge (later Boondoggle)
  • 2006 - Managing Director OgilvyOne
  • 2008 - CEO Ogilvy Group Belgium
  • 2016 - Founder & Partner of &KOO creative platform for entrepreneurs (Cronos)
  • 2011 – BDMA board member 
  • 2017 - Co-Founder & President Belgium Association of Marketing


Sailing Instructor on sailing yachts


We have worked very hard the past three years to merge the former three associations into one large and open community of marketing professionals. Our goal was to create an association that unites all marketeers with a common vision on the future of our profession. BAM’s vision on meaningful marketing (including our framework) was the result of the hard work of many friends of BAM together with the Exco and the board of directors. We have created an healthy association with a clear vision, a role to play in the BE market and with respect from the other marketing associations including VBO-FEB and the Belgium government representatives. Our activities are successful and full of inspiration and our trainings are qualitative and meaningful! 

But this is only the start. We have to accelerate, bring BAM to the next level and continue to convince all marketing professionals to make their marketing practices more meaningful. I would like to continue for another 3 years what we have started. Together with our colleagues in the board, the exco and the many friends of BAM we have to bring our framework into practice. The next three years will be crucial in convincing all our members that BAM is there to help them, guide them and inspire them in their daily jobs. Our value proposition towards members must become more concrete and all of our inspiring activities and lobby work should build on the same purpose of our association: make our marketing practice more meaningful.

I contributed myself hard to build this vision and I feel as my job is not finished yet. I believe that BAM board members should have an active role in the association to deliver upon our mission. We need to value the many friends of BAM who are the backbone of this association and work closely with them. At the same time, our board should be on top of our fast changing industry to continuously adapt our strategy for the future. And finally, BAM is at the heart of the marketing eco-system in Belgium. This requires empathy and lots of positive energy to stimulate collaboration between all relevant associations, key players, large corporations and the political field to make our profession more meaningful. Our board must be active on all these domains to support the daily team of Patrick and the large BAM community of members and all marketing professionals.

10) Dominique Vercraeye - Chosen Group



  • Co-founder Chosen Group , 09/2019 to Current   See
  • Management Consultant, 03/2019 to Current
  • Insights For Action – Londerzeel, België
  • Starting up a new collective of experts offering companies and organizations innovation and transformation trails for creating new customer centric value propositions
  • President of the Steering Committee of the Belgian Marketing Awards , 12/2019 to Current
  • Member of the steering group Kom op tegen Kanker ( NGO ) , 9/2019 to Current
  • CEO , 2009 to 02/2019
  • KANTAR BELGIUM – Brussels, BELGIUM ( previously : Sobemap Marketing, TN Sofres, TNS Media, …) The Belgian TNS company was acquired by WPP/Kantar. Managing the company i.e. fueling and nurturing a team of consultants and operations for growing the business
  • CEO of Sobemap Marketing , Dimarso & N.I.D. , 1995 - 2008
    Dimarso and N.I.D. joined Sofres, a French group of marketing research agencies.  In 1998, the group was acquired by TN Global plc.
  • Founding the National Institute of Data Collection ( N.I.D. n.v.) 03/1992
  • Management Buy out Dimarso n.v. 01/1991
  • Research -Project Leader Dimarso : 11/1987 to 12/1990
    Conducting several market research projects on behalf of public organizations, FMCG companies and Service companies in Telco, banking & Insurance.
  • Research Assistant at the Centre for Social Policies ( Prof. H. Deleeck) , 02/1987 – 11/87
    Leading a survey to measure the effectiveness of social policy on poverty


Since the start of my career I have been involved in many professional organizations such as :

  • Febelmar : I have been leading this organisations for more than 10 years as a President
  • Effie Jury : I have been a member of the Jury for more than 20 years
  • Stima : Since my nomination as Master Marketer ( 2011) I was member of the Steering Group Master Marketers , led by Georges Van Nevel

Since I stepped down as CEO of Kantar Belgium ( 2/2019 ) I have been supportive to the development of BAM :

  • Co-Author of the Meaningful marketing Framework
  • Revising the mission of BAM
  • Setting up the Belgian Marketing Awards in collaboration with UMA, ACC, CUBE, BMMA, VBO/FEB.
  • Preparing the foundation of the Institute for Meaningful Marketing ( to be launched in Q4 2020 )

My motivation is driven by 2 considerations :

  1. The marketing practice needs to be re-engineered into a practice with a more significant impact on the customer centric transformation and innovation of companies and organizations.
  2. BAM can play a key role in this process by creating a strong , open community of professionals who share the same ambition i.e. to proof that business success is linked to a meaningful strategy and execution.

11) Joke De Nul  - Punchline

joke de nul 


Current experience:
2016 - now: Founder and director Punchline, social media agency
2012 - now: Founder Morse SARL, consultancy holding
2012 - now: Founder and president VLCM (non profit organisation)
2009 - 2012: Social Media Manager at Talking heads
2008 - 2009: Graphic design and marketing at Physiomins
2006 - 2007: Project manager market research at FieldForce

In the past, I co-founded Ghent Web Valley that organised Phare Conference, won an Inca award with our team (silver) and even won the Miss Green Student election. I've always done side projects like this.

Today, most of my free time goes to fighting the corona virus within my means. As one of the main initiators of Communicationpro's against COVID19 and the Corona Think Thank, we did and are still doing our part to combat the virus with communication.

Guest lecturing and coaching:
Ehsal Management school, Sup' de Com Lyon, Artevelde, KDG Digital business, ...

Thomas More Business Management Bachelor (2015) and Multimedia and Interactive Media VISO (2004)  


A big passion of mine are on and offline communities. I love to connect people and I think good communities is where the magic happens.  
After working with BAM closely recently founding the Marketing België and Belgique group, I believe the BAM communities can become even stronger, wiser and close knit. I want to use my experience to help make that happen.
What I bring to the table is a solid network in digital and marketing and 15 years of digital experience. I am a thinker, but more importantly, I make things happen.

12) Wivina Briers - X²

wivina briers 



1961 - heden: Een levenservaring opgebouwd uit kennis vergaren, ondernemen, succes hebben, falen, opnieuw opstaan, succes hebben maar vooral blijvend werken aan mijn persoonlijk groeiproces.
1979 - 1981: Graduaat Toerisme: Hoge School voor Toerisme
1973 - 1979: Economische Wetenschappen: Koninklijk Lyceum Hasselt

Februari 2018 tot heden: X² / Genk

2016 tot vandaag: Connaction / Bilzen - Genk
Functie: CEO

April 2014 tot februari 2017 House of Flanders / Mechelen
Functie: Consultant

September 2015 tot juli 2017: Immo Point Netwerk / Schilde
Functie: Marketing Consultant

April 2010 tot augustus 2015 (5 jaar): / Antwerpen
Functie: Commercieel Relatie Manager

Riant Wonen / Bilzen (1994 – 2010 / 16 jaar)
Functie: afgevaardigd bestuurder – eigenaar.

Media Marketing Communication / Antwerpen (1992 – 1996 / 4 jaar)
Sector: uitgeverij, evenementen- en communicatiebureau.


The reason for my application lies in the context of our core business at X², in particular to implement gender equivalence at the work floor. According to a report written by the WEF, the Covid-19 pandemic will catapult us back decades in closing the Gender Gap.

Gender equity in business is part of the sustainable enterprise policy issued by the UN. Our business revolves around the SDG5, SDG8, SGG10 and SDG17.

Marketing plays a crucial role in every process that should take us further towards our goal. The use of language, images, communication in all its forms, should be examples of gender neutrality.

13) Ingeborg Koenraadt - Tigris Consulting

ingeborg koenraadt  


Tigris Consulting Managing Director / From 2018-present

Ter Beke  Chief Commercial Officer/ October 2017 – November 2018

Ter Beke  M&A, Strategy and Business Development / 1 September 2013 –1 October 2017

Ter Beke  Marketing, NPD, R&D Manager / 1 May 2005 – 1 September 2013

Friesland Campina  Marketing Manager Benelux / 1 January 2002 – 1 May 2005

Friesland Campina  Product Group Manager Benelux / 15 April 1999  – 1 January 2002

General Biscuits (Group Danone) Brand Manager / 8 July 1996  – 15 April 1999

Klaproosschool Pulderbos Board Member / 2014 – Present


You have a name, I have a name, every company has a name, it’s our Brand and we are proud of it, no ? We all have a purpose and believe of being relevant in this rapidly changing world.

With BAM I believe we can support and advise companies to underline the importance of their branding, communication and their proper brand(s) -  even if they are producting Private Label ! Why ? It’s all about partnership, being full connected with your client. I have learned as a marketeer the importance of it.

On company level in Belgium, it is an opportunity for BAM to create possibilities to let companies connect,  merge or work on a same project. This is beautiful to see how companies complementarity can create something brand new and more differentiated than if they operated alone.  Join forces.

As a connector I would like to bring my experiences to the board and help Belgian companies to link, to guide and to lift them to a next marketing and business level.  Besides that I support fully the mission of FAM, it’s not a luxe but a necessity to have this topic on the agenda too.

14) Kathleen Peeters - Deloitte Digital



I’m a Director at Deloitte Digital where I lead the Marketing and Commerce Offering. My professional motivation consists in helping companies leverage the full potential of their business by making meaningful connections with their customers and transforming their Marketing across all levers, with a main focus on maximizing the value of technology and data to help their business grow.

  • Deloitte Digital: Director and Offering Lead Marketing and Commerce
  • Leadfabric: Head of Operations and Consulting
  • Microsoft: Enterprise Marketing Lead
  • Bisnode: International Account Director, Marketing & Communication Director, BU Director International FMCG
  • IMS Health: Client Relations Associate
  • The Nielsen Company: Account Manager

Master in Applied Economics, International Relations and Affairs – Universiteit Antwerpen


As Marketing evolves to become more ‘science’ than ‘look and feel’ I would like to contribute to the association with my specific expertise in data and technology. In our fast paced market now even more disrupted through COVID-19, it’s critical to equip our Belgian marketeers with access and information on the latest technological possibilities. As a ‘Woman in Tech’ I would be honoured to complement the board’s combined experience so together we can cover all aspects and target groups of Marketing.

15) Annie Courbet - Brocom

annie courbet


  • 2019 - Present: Maître de conférence invitée à la faculté des sciences économique, politiques et de communication
  • 2017 - Present: Managing & Marketing Director - Brocom (Courtier en Assurances)
  • 2017 - Present: Vice President - BAM
  • 2014 - 2017: Deputy CMO - AXA 
  • 2006 - 2017: Member of the Boad, now member of UBA 


With 2 other associations Stima & IAB I was, as President of bdma, at the origin of  BAM‘s creation. I was really convinced we had to unify our strengths (Strategy- Data- Digital) in marketing to create a larger community of marketeers. 3 years later we got it! 2 new initiatives to mention:  the communication Hub to develop the meaningful framework (co-led by Alain Mayne and myself) and FAM, female executives very engaged!

As Koen Van Impe said “this is only a start”, we have to go further!

We have to bring the marketeers at a strategic/board level in the companies. BAM Board, with all friends of marketing, will play a strategic role in the next years to relaunch the business after the crisis in all sectors and to position the role of marketing within companies to develop their vision. We have a very good base to work on: the meaningful marketing framework! And I would like to be part of this next step with you bringing enthusiastically and as an open-minded team player my rich and diverse background and record of achievements as an executive marketeer.

16) Alain Mayné - Hoet&Hoet



  • 2006 - Present: Director Strategic Planning - Hoet&Hoet
  • 2020: President Jury Digital Design & UX - IAB MIXX Awards
  • 2018 -  present: President Communication Hub - BAM
  • 2016 - present: Board Member - BMMA
  • 2016 - present: Guest Speaker - EUPRIO
  • 2013 - pesent: Member of the selection committee - BE Angels Network
  • 2011 : Guest Speaker - 3M
  • 2005 - 2006: New Business Development Consultant - Touring
  • 2002 - 2004: Qualitative Research Manager - Dedicated Research
  • 1996 - 2002: CEO - Color of Glass
  • 1992 - 1996: Marketing Manager Business Partners - American Express
  • 1988 - 1992: Marketing Executive - DDB


I humbly apply to the position of BAM board member.

I have worked for BAM as member, and President of the XPHUB Comm, as co-creator of the Meaningful Marketing Framework, in the Congress Content Commission, and as President of Mixx Awards Jury. All sincere commitments to lead these assignments to a meaningful end.

I have been to every BAM (then Stichting, STIMA) congress since 2008. I have laughed, cried and learned there, it has always been the highlight in my professional year. As Strategic Planning Director at Hoet&Hoet, I have realized BAM visual identity and participated to BAM’s meaningful positioning. I am at the initiative of defining what meaningful means : with Annie Courbet and our Xpert team, we delivered the MMF. This mission is not over. And there is still a lot to be done!!

I am a pioneer, a strategic thinker, as well as a pragmatic, humble and experienced marketeer. I am ahead of the game. It is not a virtue, it is my profound nature: I am curious about the world in which our children live…and I want to change it for good. “On ne se refait pas..”

BAM is a game changer organization. That is where I feel a personal and professional connection. I want to help the board in challenging times. Together, further, deeper!!

I am also – since a long time- a feminist : I profoundly believe having gender equality at board level will help us to thrive. When I see all the people I have worked with at BAM and all the people who are stepping up at the board now -more or less, the same-, I am reassured, enthusiastic and very confident we will be a proactive team and do a great job in fulfilling BAM’s mission : re-engineer marketing practice in a meaningful way.

This is my engaged and sincere motivation.

17) Leen Segers - LucidWeb



  • From september 2016 - today: Founder & CEO Lucidweb
  • May 2016 - Today: Co-Founder women in Immersive Tech Europe (WiiT)
  • From August 2014 - September 2016: COO -
  • October 2013 - August 2014 : Sales EMEA - Saffron Digital
  • March 2012 - September 2013: Senior Media Executive EMEA - Kaltura
  • October 2007 -  December 2011: Head of Partnerships Media & Entertainment Europe - Netlog
  • May 2006 - October 2007: Marketing Transformation Consultant - Accenture


For more than 14 years I have been active in consumer media tech, with strategic roles at Accenture Belgium, Netlog, followed by two international online video tech companies, living and working from London. Until today, my professional focus has been democratising (branded) storytelling with the objective of maximizing engagement. Since 2016, I have been focused on the medium that starts with 100% engagement, i.e. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) by launching my own deep-tech company LucidWeb in Belgium. In early 2019, we developed our first mobile WebAR experience for the Fortune500 company Netapp, in partnership with an agency in London. Today, we also see a growing interest in WebAR among local agencies in Belgium, as they wish to understand the possibilities the tech offers for advertisers. The potential of WebAR is unmistakably enormous: A recent study by Artillry Intelligence predicts that by 2023 the revenue from mobile AR will reach $ 21 billion and AR ads up to $ 8.8 billion. The same research confirms that WebAR experiences can reach nearly twice as many smartphones compared to ‘native’ AR apps, with a global market of more than 2.97 billion mobile phones.
As far as Europe is concerned, the LucidWeb team is honoured to be regarded as a thought leader in browser-based AR and VR. Through my candidacy, I hope to share this expertise with the members of BAM.

Besides LucidWeb, I am also co-founder of Women in Immersive Tech Europe. The non-profit counts more than 1800 members today and has a clear mission to strive for diversity within the VR/AR industry.

18) Alex Thoré - Magis.Company & Buda Agency



The birthday sweets of our first daughter Maïté were presented in an Actimel bottle, those of my second daughter Maud in a Minute Maid bottle, and when my wife and myself call M&M, both of them run to us.  One would think that we are passionate about marketing.  Obviously that passion shaped also my professional story:

    • Captain of the 2020 BAM Congress
    • BAM Board Member
    • Oct' 19 - Founder Buda Agency
    • Jul' 18 - Founder Magis.Company
    • Jul'13 - Jan'16: Brand, CRM & Communciation director at Proximus
    • Aug'10 - Feb'12: Brand Activation Director Coca-Cola NW Europe
    • Apr'06 - Aug'08: Marketing Director Coca - Cola Belgium
    • Jan'01 - Jul'04: Marketing Manager Danone Belgium
    • Aug'98 - Jan'00: Brand Manager Pernod Ricard Belgium
    • Aug'96 - Aug'98: Brand Manager P&G Belgium


As any parent, we are proud of our kids and we are pleased when our kids are also proud of us.  This also links to marketing... and the way people look at this discipline.  We are not here to seduce with air or empty boxes... we are here to make a positive difference.  Launching BUDA as the first CO2 neutral brand activation and content agency was a step in that direction.  Working together with you all to build meaningful marketing via BAM is also a step in that direction. Just like covid-19 pushes many sectors to reinvent themselves, we have done the same with the BAM congress. We were the first association that led by example to innovate with a digital first driven BAM Congress... this for the first time after 38 years of physical congresses... bringing meaningful inspiration in the safest way.  We had to rebuild a complete new congress model with new congress experiences and also a new congress business model including a content production partnership to break even.  I’m positively driven to keep that innovation engine behind more meaningful marketing going togther with you... 

We are BAM.      

19) Steven Verbruggen - AdSomeNoise




  • 2012 - now: Co-founder and Managing Director @ AdSomeNoise
  • 2010 - 2012: Digital Director @ VVL BBDO
  • 2009 - 2010: Digital Strategist @ Nascom
  • 2004 - 2009: Production Director @ These Days (now Wunderman)
  • 2002 - 2004: Webmaster @ Vlaamse Media Maatschappij


  • 2017 - now: Board Member @ Belgian Association of Marketing
  • 2015 - 2017: Board Member @ IAB Belgium
  • 2019 - 2014: General Manager @ Adobe User Group Belgium


I just reformatted the baseline from our agency from “digital campaign agency” to “building the agency of the future”. I feel in this day and age marketing has lost a lot of meaning. Everything seems to be tactical and digital is considered as a pure performance or social mechanic. To do better marketing we need to build a better agency that focuses on 2 main principles: integration and collaboration. We need to work together with all stakeholders, building the best possible campaigns for advertisers with a focus on the long haul. And we need to integrate competences in this collaborative mindset, for example the integration of media and creative services.

It’s exactly this same motivation that sparked my engagement at BAM: how can we make the profession of marketing more meaningful? How can we make sure that different stakeholders work together? How can we regain a focus on the long haul? BAM, being the only association that defends the marketing practice as a whole and not a specific interest group is a very natural fit for me.

Although I don’t consider myself as a youngster anymore I kind of have the feeling that I played a role in rejuvenating BAM by trying to play an active role in board meetings, help where I can on projects and launch initiatives that are off the beaten track. If I’m re-elected, I intend to keep doing this.

20) Bart Swimberghe - Proximus

bart swimberghe


  • 2017 - Present: Vice President of BAM
  • 2016 - Present: Head of Proximus Smart Advertising Solutions
  • 2013 - 2017: Vice President of IAB Belgium
  • 2003 - 2014: Head of Proximus Skynet Advertising
  • 2001 - 2003: Sales Team Manager - ThePush


The last 3 years as BAM board and exco, we have focused on finalizing the merger between the previous associations, building the fundaments of BAM and creating the vision of the future with our Meaningful Marketing Framework.  Now the time has come to actually enter the future and take BAM to the next level. We enter a new era, post-covid, where things will never be the same anymore.  In the coming years, as potential Board member of BAM, I want to focus on the Networking aspect of the BAM association where people can inter-connect off and online in this post-covid decade. More than even I believe we all realize that personal relations and human connections are key, both in private life as business and I want to make sure that BAM is and remains the reference to bring people together in the Belgian Marketing World!!!


21) Sylvie Quertainmont - Lactalis



>25years experienced marketeer FMCG - FOOD INDUSTRY

9 years@ Nestlé(Belgilux), 7years @Pepsico, 2years @Heineken-AlkenMaes, 8 years @Lactalis

Benelux Marketing Director @ Lactalis (Cheese brands Galbani, Président, Salakis)

My  5 « F »

  • FUN Strategic Marketing
  • FOOD Industry
  • FR & NL
  • FAM-HUB supporter

My Profile

  • Participative-Assertive-Empathetic
  • Creative-Pragmatic-Analytic
  • Gastronomic
  • Pseudo-Sportive


BAM is made by passionate marketeers for marketeers who care for doing /acquiring skills for a meaningful marketing.

BAM is a personal source of inspiration and a vivid association. Be part of its board is a great opportunity for me to give, to share, to enrich the purpose and help choose the battles that will make marketing great and meaningful.

3 key Motivations 

  1. Join THE association that defend and develop the profession of marketeer, which I am passionate about and where my experience can be valued.
  2. Be part of a board that is well balanced and well representative of all aspects of marketing, highly aware and professional, open for enrichment and diversity.
  3. FOOD and solutions for meals were more than ever revealed essential to people (during the COVID crisis). Marketing in the FOOD-industry needs to evolve accordingly to remain (or become) meaningful. I believe I have a role to play in that way that the board of BAM can offer me

22) Stefan Costeur - NMBS

Stefan Costeur


  • Digital Sales and Marketing Manager at SNCB since 2017
    • Responsible for digital strategy, sales and marketing (in close collaboration with Marketing)
    • Leading a team of 40 skilled digital natives
    • Define digital roadmap and digital customer experience
  • Created and leading the SNCB Innovation lab since 2019
    • Lead the way for a more innovative mindset and agile innovation approach
  • Co-founder and managing director of The Booze Store NV 2014-2017
    • Creator of the e-commerce player
  • Managing director Comizzo 2013-2017)
  • Tapptic Antwerp (mobile apps) 2011-2013
  • Paratel NV (Medialaan), commercial director 2005-2011
  • Corporate Sales Manager Proximus 2001-2005
  • Mutoh, International Area Sales Manager (2000)
  • IBM, Project Manager (1998-2000)


I’ve always been passionate for the combination of marketing and technology. As BAM stand for meaningful marketing I believe my passion and experience can contribute to this mission.

The world keeps changing and technology will play an even more important role in all aspects of marketing. Innovative solutions with strong creative skills are a perfect combination for a strong brand activation and conversion.

With my skills and experience I would like to contribute to this mission. As a strong believer in creating cooperation, ecosystems and exchange, the BAM can play a crucial role in this domain.
Ready to contribute and work together with you to achieve these results.

23) Joke Claessen

joke claessen


  • 1995 – 1997: oprichter Sampling Campaigns bij Ogilvy
  • 1997 – 2012: account, strateeg en uiteindelijk strategisch directeur bij TEQUILA/TBWA
  • Sinds 2012 freelance marketing- en communicatiestrateeg met focus op relationele communicatie en purpose gedreven merkdenken
  • Lesgever en kennis-doorgever
  • 2019 BAM congresvoorzitter


We are at a crossroads in marketing & communication. We are at a crossroads in society.
BAM has a role to play as a source of inspiration and information for the Belgian marketing world that is adapting to this new world. This is a challenging role that will require a board with a rich mix of people, experience and knowledge. A balanced mix in gender, background & craftmanship. The last 4 year I was part of the Congress board, last year I was honored to be its co-president. I bring to the table 25 years of experience ranging from DM, data, digital, brand building,  an analytical mind, a long and broad experience (B2C, retail, FMCG, B2B, large and small companies), lots of passion, a view on our market, a rich network and a focus on customer driven purpose thinking. I’m a true believer of BAM’s Meaningful Marketing Framework.
Being part of the BAM board will allow me to contribute to turning BAM into the financially healthy, vibrant, LT stronghold our market needs in the coming years.


Wie kan deelnemen?

Alle leden, in volgorde van ledenbijdrage, kunnen hun kandidatuur inzenden met een maximum van één bijdrage per lid, ‘corporate’ of ‘solo’.

Om uw kandidatuur in te zenden (via deze template) dient u een foto, een korte CV alsook uw motivatie te sturen naar

Alle kandidaturen zullen gepubliceerd worden op de BAM website die regelmatig een communicatie over de lijst van kandidaten zal verspreiden. Aanvragen kunnen reeds ingediend worden. De uiterste datum van inzending is 6 augustus 2020.

Werking en verantwoordelijkheid

De raad van bestuur bestaat uit 12 leden, verkozen voor een termijn van 3 jaar, die eenmaal kan verlengd worden.  Het bestuur komt over het algemeen 6 keer per jaar samen voor vergaderingen van maximaal 2 tot 3 uur. De vergaderingen vinden plaats op de maatschappelijke zetel van de vereniging (Roularta, Zellik) of in de kantoren van één van de bestuursleden.

Naast de administratieve en financiële verantwoordelijkheid en controle van de vereniging is het de belangrijkste taak van het bestuur om de langetermijnstrategie, de ontwikkelingsassen en de ambities van de vereniging te bepalen. Een uitvoerend comité bestaande uit de Voorzitter van de Raad, de schatbewaarder en de Ondervoorzitter, samen met de Directeur en de Secretaris-Generaal, zorgt voor de functionele opvolging van de vereniging.


De statuten van de vereniging voorzien niet in quota's in welke vorm dan ook. In 2019 heeft de raad van bestuur echter besloten tot een doelstelling van pariteit onder zijn leden. Pariteit in geslacht, taal en beroep. Het doel is een bestuur te vormen dat zo representatief mogelijk is voor de verschillende gevoeligheden.


Tijdens de Algemene Vergadering, kan elk aanwezig lid of vertegenwoordigd lid deelnemen aan de stemming, met een maximum van één stem per lid. De 12 kandidaten die de meeste stemmen hebben gekregen, zijn de gekozen bestuurders.

Deze 12 bestuurders kiezen vervolgens de voorzitter van de raad van bestuur, de schatbewaarder en de ondervoorzitter.

Raadpleeg hier de BAM Statuten.

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