BAM Raad van Bestuur - Verkiezingen 2020

Tijdens de Algemene Vergadering van BAM op 3 september 2020 zullen verkiezingen plaatsvinden om de leden van de Raad van Bestuur te hernieuwen.

Dit bestuur vormt het hart van de vereniging. Deze definieert de strategie en stelt de doelstellingen van de vereniging. Het is een bijzonder actieve en dynamische uitwisselingsplaats.

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Kandidaten - 2020

1) Raf Van Puyvelde - 4P Square










Raf Van Puyvelde, °1964 in Antwerp
Living in Mechelen with my wife Lieve and our two sons Cobbe and Jannes.
Love to cook, ski, run & socialize with friends.
Started as marketeer in 1989. Developed to an all-round marketing expert with experience in marketing strategy, marketing management and customer management in a corporate environment.
Currently running a consultancy in marketing & sales and BAM Board Member.
Education: Master Applied economics, Executive Master Marketing, Master Communication Technologies, Advanced Sales Management.


BAM is the merger of STIMA, BDMA and IAB and became the largest, most multi-disciplinary marketing community in Belgium. I love its openness. Proud to be one of the Founding Partners of BAM.
My mission as board member:
The heart of the community is hundreds of volunteers, selfless active in expert hubs. They deserve much more support. They are the community backbone.
BAM should strive to be financially strong, with healthy profit ambitions, in order to being able to invest in new valuable initiatives, s.a. “The Meaningful Marketing Model” and a lot more.

2) Benjamin Sekkai - Business Elements

benjamin sekkai_def


I started my career 20 years ago first in HR services then in media & advertising. I had the chance to work for great companies in this industry and developed my skills in bizz dev, management, technology, strategy and digital communication in Belgian and abroad.

I’m 44, I’ve known my spouse for half of my life. I’m half Algerian, half Czech/ Flemish, and my spouse is from Mauritius. We’re the proud parents of 2 fantastic boys (12 & 9)  and a dog named Loki. In my (rare) spare time I do sports, collect sneakers, geek with technology and meet new people.

I love Italian food, Italian wine and I hate urban bikers, people on Lime and on any other electric machine.


Marketing is changing every day. I had the opportunity to monitor this from inside as part of this industry since 15+ years. I’ve been in contact with international companies and smaller start-ups and I truly believe that one can learn from the other. BAM has a real key position and must now help all our industry to navigate in this ever changing world. I humbly think that being part of the change does not happen on the sideline but on the field. That’s why I want to give my support to this team and this industry.

3) Jean Cornet - Deloitte

JCornet high res Deloitte_klein


Senior Director, Deloitte 2016 – current
Managing Director, STIMA, 2014 – 2016
Managing Consultant, The House of Marketing, 2011 – 2014
Managing Director, BrandDecode, 2010-2011
Marketing & Innovation Director, Alpro, 2004 – 2009
Marketing & Development Director, Unilever Maghreb, 1999 – 2004
BAM Board member, 2017 – current
President of STIMA Marketer of the Year, 2015 – 2019
President of STIMA Congress, 2014 – 2018
STIMA Marketer of the Year, 2006
Guest lecturer, Université de Namur, 2016 – current


What the world will look like in the months and years to come is at this moment anyone’s guess. Back to normal after a heavy storm and a bit of licking our wounds? Or with deep societal changes that are there to stay?

One thing is sure: BAM “raison d’être”, i.e. “Help to define the future of marketing in Belgium to be about meaningful marketing” and “Help to install marketing at the strategic heart of every company in Belgium” will be even more relevant than before the Covid-19 outbreak.

By being a BAM Board member I want to bring my contribution to fulfilling this purpose.

4) Grégoire Van Cutsem - Touring

gregoire van cutsem


Senior Executive experimented in marketing and Sales (B2C and B2B) with strong financial background;
international experience (Vodafone);
General Management achievement; vision, strategy, short term objective achievement; change management and organization builder.
Belgian Marketer of the year 2014 (STIMA –TREND).

2013 - 2019      STIMA congress Participation
2014                 Belgian Marketer of the Year (STIMA-TREND)
2016-19            MOTY Jury member
2019                 BAM Congres Co Present

Touring Belgium / Sales & Marketing Director
Lampiris SA / Residental & SME Market Director
Belgacom / Vice president products & Solution Enterprise 
Proximus / Head of marketing Business Segment
Price Waterhouse / Senio Auditor


For several years now, I have been in contact with STIMA first and then BAM.

At first as a congress participant and then as Marketer of the Year 2014 and last year as congress co-president with the aim of revamping the congress and incorporating the meaningful marketing model into congress reality.

It is because I feel 100% in line with the approach, vision and mission of BAM that I think I can bring added value to the board of directors by always putting actions and vision in relation with the daily experience of companies and their marketing teams.

5) Liesbeth Nizet - Digipolitans



2019 - now : Chief Projects at Digipolitans (Digital transformation of big companies boosted by marketing)

2011 - 2019 : (Digital) Marketing Manager at Mediahuis

2007 - 2011 : Web content manager at Vanden Borre

2005 - 2007:  Marketing and communication coordinator at Iveco


I believe in the power of marketing to prepare companies for tomorrow, to make a digital transformation or making impact in ’the new normal’ happen, in any industry. Because marketing focuses on the consumer: by detecting his needs, by connecting and building relationships with him and finally convert him. This focus combined with enablers like data and technology makes the role of marketing, and all the marketeers, ‘incontournable’.

Therefore, I believe in a strong community like BAM to build bridges: between the marketing of today and the marketing of tomorrow, connecting the dots between the different industries and the different marketing expertises, from storytelling to AI-driven marketing. A pioneering role in the Belgian business community.


Wie kan deelnemen?

Alle leden, in volgorde van ledenbijdrage, kunnen hun kandidatuur inzenden met een maximum van één bijdrage per lid, ‘corporate’ of ‘solo’.

Om uw kandidatuur in te zenden (via deze template) dient u een foto, een korte CV alsook uw motivatie te sturen naar

Alle kandidaturen zullen gepubliceerd worden op de BAM website die regelmatig een communicatie over de lijst van kandidaten zal verspreiden. Aanvragen kunnen reeds ingediend worden. De uiterste datum van inzending is 6 augustus 2020.

Werking en verantwoordelijkheid

De raad van bestuur bestaat uit 12 leden, verkozen voor een termijn van 3 jaar, die eenmaal kan verlengd worden.  Het bestuur komt over het algemeen 6 keer per jaar samen voor vergaderingen van maximaal 2 tot 3 uur. De vergaderingen vinden plaats op de maatschappelijke zetel van de vereniging (Roularta, Zellik) of in de kantoren van één van de bestuursleden.

Naast de administratieve en financiële verantwoordelijkheid en controle van de vereniging is het de belangrijkste taak van het bestuur om de langetermijnstrategie, de ontwikkelingsassen en de ambities van de vereniging te bepalen. Een uitvoerend comité bestaande uit de Voorzitter van de Raad, de schatbewaarder en de Ondervoorzitter, samen met de Directeur en de Secretaris-Generaal, zorgt voor de functionele opvolging van de vereniging.


De statuten van de vereniging voorzien niet in quota's in welke vorm dan ook. In 2019 heeft de raad van bestuur echter besloten tot een doelstelling van pariteit onder zijn leden. Pariteit in geslacht, taal en beroep. Het doel is een bestuur te vormen dat zo representatief mogelijk is voor de verschillende gevoeligheden.


Tijdens de Algemene Vergadering, kan elk aanwezig lid of vertegenwoordigd lid deelnemen aan de stemming, met een maximum van één stem per lid. De 12 kandidaten die de meeste stemmen hebben gekregen, zijn de gekozen bestuurders.

Deze 12 bestuurders kiezen vervolgens de voorzitter van de raad van bestuur, de schatbewaarder en de ondervoorzitter.

Raadpleeg hier de BAM Statuten.

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